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  • Size: Custom-made
  • Welding type : Fiber laser welding
  • Delivery port : Shanghai
  • Brand: Platecoil
  • Payment way : T/T
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    (1) Product Introduction 

    What's the jacket / Cclamp -on  ? 

    It's one of another form of heat exchange plates,can be directly fit and stick to the outer surface of tanks or containers to realize the purpose for cooling or heating some liquid or solvent.

    1  500x200 水印


    About its usage 

    Chemequip’s jacket /Clamp-On are usually mounted on the outside of existing tanks or container  to provide heating or cooling of the product inside the existing tank or container. the Clamp-on heat exchanger can be made into double embossed construction, by using heat conductive mud, the Clamp-on / jacket fits completely to the tank or container; it also can be made a single embossed or rolled shape according to your requirements .

    1 Clamp-on 水印300x300


    How to get a specific Clamp-on ?

    Chemequip will design and make the Jacket /Clamp-on completely according to your project requirements such as the cooling/heating capacity that heat it to the wanted temperature.

    Our dimple jacket /Clamp-on will be firstly welded into a regular heat exchange plate, and then we can roll it or cut it according to your demands, finally we will inflate it into the shapes as your like. when the jacket/ Clamp - on is finished completely,we will install and weld the connection and drains at the 2 corners of the Clamp-on .

    Dimple Jacket_副本


    (2) Factory View

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    施工图3 300x300 水印2施工图2300x300 水印


    (3) Customers Visit 

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    (4) Product Packing 

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    (5) Certificate & Partner



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