Falling Film Chiller

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  • Size: Custom-made
  • Welding type : Fiber laser welding
  • Delivery port : Shanghai
  • Brand: Platecoil
  • Payment way : T/T
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    (1) Production introduction 

    Falling film Chiller

    These Pillow Plate heat exchangers transfer heat from a thin film of liquid falling on the outside of the plates. The refrigerant is passing through the inside of the plates. Cooling of liquids over a wide temperature difference can easily be achieved.The falling Film Chillers are very suitable for cooling large amounts of water down to temperatures as low as 0,5ºC without risk of chiller damage from ice.

    Falling Film Chillers can handle all kinds of liquids; from clean water to contaminated liquids with solids. Even moderately viscous solutions can be chilled economically. Falling Film Chillers can easily be cleaned, thanks to accessibility from all sides and space between the evaporator plates.


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