High Efficiency Off -gas Heat Exchanger Made by Pillow Plates

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The Off-gas(flue gas)heat exchanger equipment uses our self-produced heat transfer plates as the main heat exchange elements. The heat transfer plates are arranged at a certain interval; the heat exchange medium runs inside the plates, and the gas (off-gas or flue gas) channels are outside the plates. The distance between the heat transfer plates can be flexibly designed and adjusted according to the working conditions.

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    What’s the off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger?


    Off- gas (flue gas) heat exchanger is used in gas heating (pre-heating), cooling (pre-cooling), heat recovery and various other conditions. It is based on world leading technology of laser welding pillow plate heat transfer design, with great technical advantages, including: high welding reliability, wide channel, small volume, high efficiency and easy to clean.

    Off -gas (flue gas) heat exchanger uses pillow plate, which is arranged according to certain distances. Inside plate is fluid channel, outside plate is gas (flue gas) channel. Distance between plates can be adjusted flexibly or designed according to working conditions. Pillow plate together with wide channel design not only makes high heat exchange coefficient possible, but also has technical advantages superior to traditional heat exchangers, including low pressure drop, high temperature and high pressure resistance and easy cleaning.

    The heat transfer plate is equipped with a wide channel design. In addition to having a very high heat transfer coefficient, it also has technical characteristics that are significantly better than traditional heat exchangers, such as low pressure drop, high temperature and high pressure-resistance, dust resistance, and easy cleaning.

    What is the off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger used for?


    (1) The off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger can be used in chemical fields

    (2) The off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger can be used in fertilizer fields

    (3) The off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger can be used in waste incineration

    (4) The off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger can be used in printing and dyeing industry

    (5) The off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger can be used in textile industry

    Our advantages of off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger?

    (1) SS304, SS316, 2205 and Hastelloy can be flexible selected for the heat exchange plate material.

    (2) Plate can bear the internal pressure of the highest 60bar, and can run the water, brine, hot oil, steam, refrigerant

    (3) Plate can bear the external pressure of the highest 300bar

    (4) With the same heat exchange area, it only occupies the half volume when comparing with tube heat exchanger

    (5) The Parallel air duct design, almost no wind resistance, no need for additional fans

    (6) The heat transfer plates achieve the high turbulence for cooling water or steam, help to create the high heat exchange efficiency

    (7) The special structure of the heat exchange plate makes it easier to operate, clean and maintain compared to the tubes heat exchanger and fins tube heat exchanger

    (8) The modular design, easy to integrate into the exhaust gas treatment system of new projects or renovation projects

    The project installation site for our Off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger

    Our production advantage for off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger

    Immersion pillow plate heat exchanger has been widely applied to liquid cooling and heating: 

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    Our off-gas (flue gas) heat exchanger video show

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