Pillow Plate

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  • Size : Custom-made
  • Welding type : Fiber laser welding
  • Delivery port : Shanghai
  • Brand: Platecoil
  • Payment way : T/T
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    (1) Product Introduction 

    Pillow Plate heat transfer surface is a panel-type heat exchanger that can be made in an endless range of shapes and sizes. It is ideally suited for applications involving high pressures and temperature  extremes.

    The Pillow Plate design provides for highly efficient heat transfer performance. Its laser-welded and inflated channels induce fluid turbulence to attain high heat transfer coefficients.



    Product Application 

    (1) Plate ice machine

    (2) Falling film chiller

    (3) Dimple tank /jacket

    (4) Ice bank

    (5) Evaporative condenser

    (6) Immersion cooling/haating

    (7) Bulk solid cooler


    Product Advantage

    (1) Higher heat transfer efficiency

    (2) Easy cleaning

    (3) Low mantainence cost


    (2) Factory Views

    4施工图4300x300 水印1施工图1300x300水印

    施工图3 300x300 水印2施工图2300x300 水印


    (3) Customers Visit 

    1 客户拜访1300x300 水印 2 客户拜访2300x300 水印


    (4) Product Packing 

    1 木柜包装图300x300水印


    (5) Certificate & Partner


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