Plate Ice Machine

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  • Size : Custom-made
  • Welding type : Fiber laser welding
  • Brand : Platecoil
  • Delivery port : Shanghai
  • Payment way : T/T
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    (1) Production Introduction 

    How the plate ice machine produce plate ice ? 

    Water is pumped to the top of evaporator(made by pillow plate) ,and flows freely on the external surface of the evaporator plates. Refrigerant is pumped to the internal surface of the evaporator plates, building uniformly thick ice on external surface of the evaporator plates.

    As ice reaches a certain thickness, it is released by applying hot gas refrigerant to the internal surface of the evaporator plates. Ice falls into the storage tank and breaks into small pieces, which can be pumped or transported by a screw conveyor to whereever cooling is needed. Water from the load is circulated through the stored ice and gets cooled.



    (1) The ice is very thick

    (2) Not easy to dissolve, a long storage period

    (3) Good permeability

    (4) Can be secondary ice fragmentation, adjustable shape


    About its application ? 

    (1) Ice storage system

    (2) Concrete mixing

    (3) Chemical plant

    (4) Mine cooling

    (5) Supermarket retain freshness

    (6) Sea fish storage .fish process

    (7) Fruit & vegetables preliminary process            

    (8) Meat process


    (2) Factory Views

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    施工图3 300x300 水印2施工图2300x300 水印


    (3) Customers Visit 

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    (4) Product Packing 

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    (5) Certificate & Partner

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