Slurry Ice Machine

Short Description:

  • Ice type : Liquid ice /slurry ice
  • Ice making capacity : Custom-made
  • Application : Aquatic products storage
  • Delivery port : Shanghai
  • Payment way : T/T
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    (1) Production Introduction 

    What's the slurry ice ? 

    Chemequip Slurry Ice systems are like no other chilling technology, slurry ice is also called fluid ice, flowing and liquid ice.

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    Chemequip Slurry Ice systems preserve peak product freshness for longer time. Because the ice crystals are extremely small, smooth and perfectly round, meaning that they get into every nook and cranny of the product to be chilled. Compared with the other forms of ice, Chemequip Slurry Ice removes heat from the product at significantly higher rates .

    This results in the fastest possible heat transfer, cooling product immediately and uniformly, and preventing potentially damaging bacterial formation, enzyme reactions and discoloration.

    1 Slurry ice machine 300x300 水印

    Its some features

    (1) 360°compact package of cooling bodies without dead ends, instant cooling evenly.

    (2) Ice water mixture without sharp edges and corners, will not scratch precious seafood.

    (3) Salt water or ice water can be used directly.

    (4) Eliminates extra equipment.

    (5) Systems are modular for tight fits and future expansion.


    Its application areas 

    (1) Seafood

    (2) Aquatic product preservation

    (3) Supermarket ice

    (4) Food processing industry


    (2) Factory Views

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    施工图3 300x300 水印2施工图2300x300 水印


    (3) Customers Visit 

    1 客户拜访1300x300 水印 2 客户拜访2300x300 水印


    (4) Product Packing 

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    (5) Certificate & Partner



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