Solex Bulk solid Cooler

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  • Size : Custom-made
  • Welding type : Fiber laser welding
  • Payment way : T/T
  • Delivery port : Shanghai
  • Brand : Solex/Chemequip
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    Production Introduction 

    Solex bulk solid  cooler cooling virtually every type of granular and prill fertilizer – urea, ammonium nitrate, NPK’s, MAP, DAP, etc.

    The basis of the bulk solids cooler technology is the gravity flow of product moving through a bank of welded heat exchanger plates, cooled with water

    Widely application 

    (1) Fertilizers Cooling

    (2) Coffee bean cooling

    (3) Plastic granules cooling

    (4) Soda ash cooling

    (5) Salt cooling

    (6) Drying grains and oil seeds cooling

    (7) Cement cooling

    (8) Drying and processing of biosolid

    (9) Foundry sand cooling

    (10) Mineral heating and cooling



    (1) No dust emissions

    (2) Low power consumption

    (3) Compact design

    (4) Easy for cleaning

    (5) Low maintance cost

    (7) High heat transfer performance


    Working Principle 

    The heart of the bulk solids cooler is the bank of exchanger plates. The product to be cooled flows slowly between the plates.

    Cooling water flows through the plates in counter flow and the product is cooled by conduction.

    Mass flow of the product is achieved by means of a discharge feeder mounted as an integral part of the exchanger below the plate bank.

    The discharge feeder also regulates the flow of product through the exchanger to keep it full at all times.

    Power flow cooler_副本_副本_副本

    (2) Factory Views

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    (3) Customers Visit 

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    (4) Product Packing 

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