Low Pressure Drop and Ultra-high Heat Transfer Efficiency Off-gas Heat

Low Pressure Drop and Ultra-high Heat Transfer Efficiency Off-gas Heat Exchangers

Industry background:

Why so many factories want to install the off-gas heat exchangers?
1,Waste heat recovery
2,Eliminate sensory pollution of white off-gas
3,Recovery water from off-gas

The Challenges:

Some customers faced some problems when using the traditional tube heat exchangers and finned heat exchange:
1,Difficult to clean
2,Easy to block and scale
3,Large installation space, difficult to install
4,High pressure drop, additional fans, high energy consumption


Hubei Sanning Corporation, one of our customers, found in 1969, is a national high-tech enterprise, it has an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of total ammonia, 3.5 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer, 230 tons of sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, etc.


Our customer is CNOOC Hebei Branch ,CNOOC is an abbreviation of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China's largest offshore oil and gas producer, it found in 1982 in Beijing, set up five major businesses fields including oil and gas exploration & development, professional technical services, refining & sales, natural gas & power generation and financial services, the company's business covers international energy companies in more than 40 countries and regions.

CNOOC found us in 2019 through a web search. They want to transform the existing off-gas system, on the one hand, to eliminate sensory pollution from white off-gas, reduce complaints from surrounding residents, forming a harmonious business and community relationship, and on the other hand, they want to recycle 6t/h of condensed water, because their fertilizer production system requires 6t/h of groundwater per hour, they also want to balance water use with recycled water. At the same time, the user's off-gas residual pressure is only 300Pa, which determines that they must be very careful to choose the right off-gas heat exchanger

Under this situation, CNOOC prefer to our Plate coil off -gas heat exchanger:
1, Compact structure, easy to install;
2, Easy to clean.
3, Low pressure drop. (can be ≤1000Pa)


Gas flow capacity: 265,000m³/h
Inlet gas: 43℃
Outlet gas : ≦18℃
Cooling medium: Water
Cooling water flowrate: 1,525,679 kg/h
Inlet water: 8℃
Outlet water: 14℃

We provided the off-gas heat exchanger’s manufacturing, installing and commissioning service for the CNOOC Hebei Branch to help the enterprise eliminate the industrial pollution and meet the growingly environmental-protection requirements. After installing Platecoil off-gas heat exchanger, successfully eliminate the sensory pollution ofwhite smoke.

Manufacturing Process


During Installation


During Installation


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Post time: Nov-26-2020