High Efficiency Urea Cooler with Plate Heat Exchanger is Installing in Shandong

Why So many factories want to install indirect plate heat exchanger for Urea cooling?
1, Lower the packaging temperature below 40℃ to solve the caking problem
2, Reduce energy consumption and emission
3, Compact design with simple system
4, Easy to install with small installed space
5. Increase plant competitiveness
6, Low maintenance

The Challenges:
The traditional fluid bed cooler & drum cooler has to face the below problems:
1, Packaging temperature is too high, resulting in product degrades and cakes during the storage
2, Energy consumption not sustainable due to very low profit margin
3, Emissions above the new limit legislation

Shangdong Jinmei Mingshengda Chemical Co.,Ltd is a large-scale modern coal chemical enterprises with more than 60 years of development history, the company is committed to the use of new pressurized coal gasification technology to achieve clean energy and high-end chemicals production. Its urea yield can up to 1000000 ton/year per urea production equipment. Group company currently employs more than 2600 people, the leading products have methanol, liquid ammonia, urea, hydrogen peroxide, pyridine, 3-methyl pyridine and so on, annual sales revenue of 10 billion yuan, The company is located in Tai'an City, Ningyang Economic Development Zone, covers an area of more than 720 acres.

Technical Data:
Inlet product: 75℃
Outlet product: 50℃
Inlet water: 32℃
Quantity: 1 Set

Urea Prill Cooler 1

Urea Prill Cooler 2

Urea Prill Cooler-3

Post time: Aug-19-2021