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High Efficiency DAP Cooler with Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger is Completed Acceptance

High Efficiency DAP Cooler with Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger is Completed Acceptance

Technical Parameters

Product Name DAP Cooler, Cool DAP, Urea Cooler
Capacity / Application DAP Cooler
Material Stainless Steel Pickle and Passivate Yes
Inlet Product 90℃ Plate Process Laser Welded
Outlet Product 45℃ Place of Origin China
Inlet Water / Ship to Asia
granules size / Packing Standard Export Packing
MOQ 1pc Delivery Time Normally 6~8 weeks
Brand Name Platecoil® Supply Ability 16000㎡/month(Plate)

Product Presentation

Industry background:
Why so many factories want to install indirect plate heat exchanger for DAP cooling? 
1. lower the packaging temperature below 45℃ to solve the caking problem.

2. reduce energy consumption and emission.

3. compact design with simple system.

4. easy to install with small installed space.

5. increase plant competitiveness.

6. low maintenance.

The Challenges:
The traditional fluid bed cooler & drum cooler has to face the below problems:
1. the packaging temperature is too high, resulting in product degrades and cakes during the storage.

2. energy consumption not sustainable due to very low profit margin.

3. emissions above the new limit legislation.

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1. DAP Cooler
2. Cool DAP
3. Granular Urea Cooler
4 .Urea Prill Cooler
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