Products Video

Products Video

Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger and Dimple Jacket Heat Exchanger

Falling Film Water Chiller Which Can Produce 0~2℃ Ice Water

Food Safety Available Plate Type Static Melting Crystallizers

Made in China Pillow Plate Bank Solex Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger

Manufacture Custom-made Stainless Steel 304 Dimple Plate Banks for Static Melting Crystallizer

Manufacture Stainless Steel Pillow Plate Falling Film Chiller For Dairy, Fruits, Concrete, etc.

OEM Manufacture Stainless Steel 304 Steam Dimpled Jacket for Drying Tanks.

Chemequip Industries Dimple Pillow Plate Bank Type Static Melting Crystallizer.

Food Safety Available Static Melting Crystallizers

Chemequip---Manufacture laser welded stainless steel r403 cooling heating dimple jacketed tanks.

Industries---Made In China laser welding pillow plate bank bulk solid prills urea coolers

China Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Clamp On Dimple Jacket for Cooling and Heating Tank

Falling Film Water Chiller made with Pillow Plate Falling Film Evaporator China Manufacturer

Slurry Ice Machine to produce the crystal fluid ice, flowing ice and liquid ice from

Industrial Slury Ice System~China Manufacturer

Industries produce below two celsius low temperature degree falling film chiller system

Off-gas heat exchanger made with pillow plate can heat/cool your gas by your technical requirements.

Plate ice machine produce flake ice

Concrete Cooling Solution~Falling Film Chiller can produce 0-2℃ ice water ~China Manufacturer

China Manufacturer of Fiber Laser Welding Dimple Cooling Jacket Milk Cooling/Beer/Fermentation tank