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Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger in Pharmaceutical Industries

The Pillow Plate base is used as a component in the manufacturing for pharmaceutical industries. Pharmaceutical companies and companies in the field of medical equipment are facing greater challenges than ever, due to the increasing pressure from healthcare. The global demand for innovative and affordable medicines continues to grow, but at the same time legislators, insurers, health care providers and patients want more value for money. They are asking for proven effectiveness of products, more transparency and access to data.In order to meet all these requirements, pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to work more efficiently and are putting high demands on their suppliers. We see a large increase in pharmaceutical companies that use pillow plate heat exchangers. And our coolers are increasingly used in the sterilization process in the pharmaceutical industry.

Applications in Pharmaceutical Industries

1. Covering a tank park with Pillow Plates.

2. Sterilize medications.

3. Freezing of microorganisms in medicine.