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Manufacture Processing

Manufacture Processing

Manufacture laser welded heat transfer plate as a sample

Step 1  Design

Name Specification Brand Material Heat Transfer Medium
Laser welded heat transfer plate is designed according to customer requirements. Length: custom-made
Width: custom-made
Thickness: custom-made
Customers can add their own logo. Available in most materials, including 304, 316L, 2205, hastelloy, titanium, and others Cooling Medium
1. Freon
2. Ammonia
3. Glycol Solution
Heating Medium
1. Steam
2. Water
3. Conductive Oil

Step 2  Drawing

Chemequip will provide drawings for approval after the project is confirmed.

1. Drawing
2. Prepare material

Step 3  Prepare and cutting material

Prepare the raw material according to the requirements.

Step 4 Laser Welding

Laser Welding is done in the flat position by a process of welding a top sheet to a bottom sheet. This process is accomplished with no alteration to the product side of the bottom sheet such as pocking, pitting or discoloration.

3. Laser Welding
4. Forming

Step 5 - Forming

The laser welded panels are then formed into some shapes according to your design. For example:There are no additional requirements for forming laser welded jacketed materials. Heads can be formed as dished or coned shapes.

Step 6 - Nozzle installation and inflation

Install inlet and outlet pipes.

5. Nozzle installation and inflation
6. Leak Test

Step 7 - Testing

Leak test and so on before shipping.

Step 8 - Package

Packing in accordance with international shipping standards.

7. Package

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