Corrugation Plate Heat Exchanger


Corrugation Plate Heat Exchanger

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The design of Corrugation plate heat exchanger produces maximum, streamlined prime heat transfer surfaces to resist fouling. A multi-zone flow configuration is exclusive to Chemequip and is specially designed with zoned headers for use with steam, delivering the steam almost simultaneously to all levels of the unit. This avoids efficiency-robbing condensate “blocking” commonly encountered in pipe coils or straight headered units. The serpentine flow-configured provides outstanding performance with heating or cooling media, because its configuration allows high internal flow velocities to be achieved.

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    What’s The Corrugation Plate Heat Exchanger?

    The Corrugation plate heat exchanger also can be called corrugation plates, serpentine plates, S-shaped cooling plates, S-shaped steam plates, Platecoil heat exchanger and so on. A Serpentine flow-configured S-shaped plate exchanger provides outstanding performance with liquid heating or cooling media, allowing high internal flow velocities to achieve high heat transfer rates. It consists of two metal sheets, which are welded together by laser welding. This Corrugation plate heat exchanger can be made in an endless range of shapes and sizes.

    Applications and Product Advantage

    1. Configurable as jacketed vessels, clamp-on panels, immersion heaters, banks-in-tanks, cryogenic shrouds, mixers.

    2. Single embossed or double embossed styles may be flat, formed or rolled.

    3. Wide range of pre-engineered and custom designs and sizes.

    4. Unique Multi-Zone and Serpentine configurations available.

    5. High heat transfer rates.

    6. Quality manufactured and thoroughly tested; IOS9001 available.

    Whatever your heating or cooling needs, we can design and fabricate a Corrugation plate heat exchanger to improve your process and efficiency. 

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    Serpentine Platecoil Plate Heat Exchanger
    Corrugation Plates
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    Our Laser Welding Machines for Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger

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