Bangkok RHVAC 2019 Exhibition in Refrigeration Industry

Bangkok RHVAC 2019 Exhibition in Refrigeration Industry

Chemequip Industries Ltd attend the Bangkok RHVAC 2019 Exhibition

Heating: all kinds of heaters, radiators, temperature control valves, control valves, heat meters; Wall hanging furnace, electric heater, electric heat film, electric panel, floor radiant heating, heating cable, infrared heating; Central heating equipment, heat exchange equipment and thermal operation system; Auxiliary products such as heating valves, pipes, fittings and insulation materials; Heat exchanger, boiler control system, etc.

Refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation: central air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, household air conditioning, industrial environmental protection air conditioning, special air conditioning, water/ground source air conditioning, etc. The unit; Refrigeration compressors, cooling towers, humidifiers, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, refrigeration and refrigeration equipment commercial refrigeration equipment, etc. Air conditioning terminal equipment, air purification equipment, etc.; Insulation materials, pump valves, pipe fittings, refrigeration and air conditioning accessories, refrigerants, fans, ventilation equipment and accessories, etc.;

Energy: solar air conditioning, bioenergy, wind power generation and other renewable energy technologies, insulation technology and equipment; Water treatment: drinker, filter, etc.

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Introduction to the Exhibition

Bangkok RHVAC, a biennial event organized by the Export Promotion Office of the Thai Ministry of Commerce, is Thailand's only exhibition for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. In 2017, a total of 300 enterprises set up 650 booths, covering an area of 15,000 square meters, and 28,030 professional visitors from all over the world (TRADE DAY: 6,200 people, PUBLIC DAY: 22,000 people).

The exhibitors are very satisfied with the exhibition effect. Although the scale of the exhibition is not large, almost all the enterprises participated in different ways due to the radiation effect of southeast Asia and the huge demand of the local Thai market.

The enterprises directly participating in the exhibition include: DAIKIN, LG, SHARP, FUJITSU, TRANE, ALFA LAVAL, BITZER, CAREL, DANFOSS, EMERSON, SINKO, etc. As a professional air conditioning exhibition in Southeast Asia, it is bound to attract the attention of more enterprises and professional buyers. It is also a platform for Chinese enterprises to enter the southeast market.

Post time: May-25-2023