Deep Technical Exchange Meeting With Industry Clients On March, 2023

Deep Technical Exchange Meeting With Industry Clients On March, 2023

Would Chemequip Industries LTD. be willing to listen to customers' feedbacks?

Yes, absolutely. We can share leading technical knowledge during the sharing meeting to help customers play a greater role in their daily work. At the same time, it also helps us improve our technology and stimulates our innovative spirit. Technology and quality is the fundamental prerequisite for the survival and development of enterprises, and increasing technological efforts is the driving force for enterprises to enhance their development and an inevitable choice to respond to market competition. Good communication enable us to work efficiently, and timely sharing of information enables problems to be resolved as quickly as possible.


We will persevere in deepening our efforts in these fields, bulk solids cooler, urea cooler, compound fertilizer cooler, soybean heater, sugar cooler, plastic cooler, fertilizer cooler, NPK cooler, urea prill cooler, granular urea cooler, DAP cooler, PP cooler, sand cooler, chemical cooler, falling film chiller, immersion chiller, ice bank, static melting crystallizer, flue gas heat exchanger, pillow plate, dimple plate, dimple jacket, clamp on, tank with clamp on, slurry ice machine, semiconductive jacket,dimple plate jackets, pillow plate heat exchanger, heat exchange dimple plates, cavity plate, thermal plates, laser welding pillow plates, plate evaporators, coolant plates, template, dimpled jacket, cooling jacket, heating jacket, stainless steel laser welding pillow plate, steam jacket, jacket cooler, clamp on, SS304 jacket, laser welded jackets, freon jackets, dimple plate manufacturer, semiconductor jackets, pillow plate manufacturer, beer fermenter tank, beer fermenter, plate ice machine, ice machine, slurry ice machine, flake ice machine, ice machine, serpentine plate, corrugation plates, solex, ice water chiller, industrial chiller, water chiller,  immersion cooling chiller, immersion chillercrystallizer plateserpentine platecorrugation plates, dimpled jacket for sludge dryer, dimple jacket for milk cooling, milk cooling tank, pillow plates for falling film chiller and so on.

Looking forward to the Chemequip Industries taking it to a higher level, hope we can make progress together.

Post time: May-20-2023