“KHIMIA-2022” Exhibition (Russia)

“KHIMIA-2022” Exhibition (Russia)

Chemequip Industries Ltd. attends the “KHIMIA-2022” Exhibition (Russia)

“KHIMIA-2022” Exhibition covered all sectors of the chemical industry, is a international Exhibition for the Chemical Industry and Science. The exhibition is the main meeting point of manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and advanced technology for the chemical industry, and consumers of chemical products and services.

“KHIMIA-2022” Exhibition (Russia) (2)
“KHIMIA-2022” Exhibition (Russia) (3)

The items to be exhibited is about the Raw materials and auxiliaries for chemical industry, Raw materials and auxiliaries for petrochemical industry, Basic and inorganic chemistry, Agrochemicals, fertilizers, crop protection products, Oil and gas refining and petrochemicals, Polymeric materials, Chemical yarns and fibers, Paints, varnishes, coatings, Industrial gases, Additives and filler agents, Low-tonnage chemistry. 

Post time: May-25-2023