KHIMIA 2023 of Chemical Industry and Science

KHIMIA 2023 of Chemical Industry and Science

The 26th International Exhibition for the Chemical Industry and Science (KHIMIA 2023) was held at the Moscow Expocentre from October 30 to November 2, 2023. KHIMIA was hosted by the Russian International Expocentre, one of the most powerful exhibition companies in Russia, supported by the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Energy, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Moscow City Government, the Russian Federation of Chemical Industry and other authoritative government departments and industry organisations. KHIMIA was first launched in Moscow in 1965, so far has a history of 57 years.

KHIMIA is a meeting place for chemical manufacturers, service providers, suppliers of the latest equipment, materials and technologies, and consumers from all over the world. The last edition featured 521 exhibitors from 24 countries with a total exhibition area of 21,404 square metres. In terms of exhibition scale, exhibition level and degree of specialisation, the exhibition is considered to be one of the best in the chemical industry in Russia and the world.

1. Chemical Industry-Bulk Solids Cooler
2. Chemical Industry-Static Melting Crystallier
3.  Chemical Industry-Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger

More than 30 professional conferences and forums were held during the same period of the exhibition, including Chemical Management System, Chemical Supply Chain, Agrochemicals, Road Construction Chemicals. With active on-site transactions and a steady flow of visitors, the exhibition was highly evaluated by exhibitors and caused great repercussions in the Russian chemical industry.

From the first exhibition to now, KHIMIA has become the most international, professional and trade-oriented chemical event in Russia, attracting excellent buyers and purchasers from all over the world.

4. Chemical Industry-Powder Flow Heat Exchanger
5. Chemical Industry-Pillow Plates
6. Chemical Industry-Dimple Plates

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