Solex Global Technical Director in Our Workshop For Guidance

Solex Global Technical Director in Our Workshop For Guidance

After the opening of China's COVID-19 epidemic, will Solex Thermal Science lnc, come to China for technical guidance?

Yes, absolutely. Three years of COVID-19 epidemic is an unforgettable experience for any industry, especially in the chemical industrial industry. Chemequip Industries LTD. Is as a top 100 enterprise in China, not only does it focus on technological research and development, product production, but it also places great emphasis on cultivating employees' health and quality. It is precisely because of this good corporate culture that has created the success of the enterprise under the COVID-19 and the positive attitude of employees in the face of difficulties.


We will persevere in deepening our efforts in these fields, bulk solids cooler, urea cooler, compound fertilizer cooler, soybean heater, sugar cooler, plastic cooler, fertilizer cooler, NPK cooler, urea prill cooler, granular urea cooler, DAP cooler, PP cooler, sand cooler, chemical cooler, falling film chiller, immersion chiller, ice bank, static melting crystallizer, flue gas heat exchanger, pillow plate, dimple plate, dimple jacket, clamp on, tank with clamp on, slurry ice machine, semiconductive jacket, dimple plate jackets, pillow plate heat exchanger, heat exchange dimple plates, cavity plate, thermal plates, laser welding pillow plates, plate evaporators, coolant plates, template, dimpled jacket, cooling jacket, heating jacket, stainless steel laser welding pillow plate, steam jacket, jacket cooler, clamp on, SS304 jacket, laser welded jackets, freon jackets, dimple plate manufacturer, semiconductor jackets, pillow plate manufacturer, beer fermenter tank, beer fermenter, plate ice machine, ice machine, slurry ice machine, flake ice machine, ice machine, serpentine plate, corrugation plates, solex, ice water chiller, industrial chiller, water chiller,  immersion cooling chiller, immersion chillercrystallizer plateserpentine platecorrugation plates, dimpled jacket for sludge dryer, dimple jacket for milk cooling, milk cooling tank, pillow plates for falling film chiller and so on.


Looking forward to the Chemequip Industries creating another brilliant future and taking it to a higher level.

Post time: May-20-2023