The VIII Russian Leading Specialized Conference On Oil & Fat Industry

The VIII Russian Leading Specialized Conference On Oil & Fat Industry

Chemequip Industries Ltd. Attends The VIII Russian(Moscow) Leading Specialized Conference On Oil & Fat Industry

The authority of the international conference “Oils and Fats industry” is annually confirmed by the participation of more than 230 participants. The total number of participants for all years of the event is 1,358 people, the number of participating countries is 46. The conference has become a landmark event in the industry and according to the participants’ reviews “A must-attend event”. In 2023, the conference will be held for the 8th time. The main topics for discussion were the state of the oilseed industry, the development of rapeseed, oilseed production and the demand for niche crops and so on, solves the most important issues of agribusiness, agriculture and the food processing industry.

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At the same time, Chemequip Industries is very honored to participate in this “Oils & Fats industry” conference, Chemequp will persevere in deepening our efforts in the fields of in these fields, bulk solids cooler, urea cooler, oilseed heater, oilseed cooler, oil heater, oil cooler, compound fertilizer cooler, soybean heater, sugar cooler, plastic cooler, fertilizer cooler, NPK cooler, urea prill cooler, granular urea cooler, DAP cooler, PP cooler, sand cooler, chemical cooler, falling film chiller, immersion chiller, ice bank, static melting crystallizer, flue gas heat exchanger, pillow plate, dimple plate, dimple jacket, clamp on, tank with clamp on, slurry ice machine, semiconductive jacket,dimple plate jackets, pillow plate heat exchanger, heat exchange dimple plates, cavity plate, thermal plates, laser welding pillow plates, plate evaporators, coolant plates, template, dimpled jacket, cooling jacket, heating jacket, stainless steel laser welding pillow plate, steam jacket, jacket cooler, clamp on, SS304 jacket, laser welded jackets, freon jackets, dimple plate manufacturer, semiconductor jackets, pillow plate manufacturer, beer fermenter tank, beer fermenter, plate ice machine, ice machine, slurry ice machine, flake ice machine, ice machine, serpentine plate, corrugation plates, solex, ice water chiller, industrial chiller, water chiller,  immersion cooling chiller, crystallizer plate, serpentine plate, corrugation plates, dimpled jacket for sludge dryer, dimple jacket for milk cooling, milk cooling tank, pillow plates for falling film chiller and so on.

Looking forward to the Chemequip Industries taking it to a higher level, hope we can make progress together.

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Post time: Oct-30-2023