Tank with Dimple Jacket


Tank with Laser Welding Dimple Jacket

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Dimple jacketed tank are used in many industries. Heat exchange surfaces can be designed either for heating or cooling. They can be used to remove the elevated heat of reaction (heat reactor vessel) or reduce the viscosity of high viscous fluids. Dimpled jackets are an excellent choice for both small and large tanks. For large applications, dimpled jackets provide a higher pressure drop at a lower price point than conventional jacket designs.

  • Model: Custom-made
  • Brand: Platecoil®
  • Delivery Port: Shanghai port or as your requirement
  • Payment Way: T/T, L/C, or as your requirement
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    What is the Tank with Dimple Jacket?

    Dimple jacketed tanks have become increasingly popular in various industries due to their favorable properties. With full surface area coverage for heat transfer, low fluid hold-up, and easy cleaning, these tanks are a flexible and efficient solution for countless applications. Additionally, the cost-effective manufacturing processes make dimple jacketed jackets an ideal choice for businesses looking to maximize their investments. By utilizing the many benefits of dimple plate jackets, businesses can enjoy increased efficiency and cost savings throughout their operations. Dimple jacketed tank also can be called pillow plate jacketed vessels, pillow jacketed tank, and so on.


    1. Food and beverage industry.

    2. Chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

    3. Oil and gas, petrochemicals.

    4. Cosmetics.

    5. Dairy processing.

    Product Advantage

    1. Providing optimal heat transfer.

    2. Excellent performance for steam applications.

    3. Can be crafted in an assortment of styles to suit specific setups.

    Product Details

    1. Dimpled Jacket for Tank
    2. Pillow plate jacketed vessels
    3. Heating or Cooling Tank with Dimple Jacket

    Our Laser Welding Machines for Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger

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