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Chemequip Industries Co., Ltd.

Chemequip Industries Co., Ltd. is located in Songjiang industrial park of Shanghai as an ISO 9001 certificated company. We are a professsional manufacturer of Patecoil which is a high efficiency plate heat exchanger.As a leader of heat exchange technology in China, we have twenty-eight independent intellectual property patents.

We also introduce the advanced technology and equipment from the North America for serving modern industry in the area of chemical, energy, pharmaceutical and environmental protection.Based on thirteen years of experience, offering the core competitiveness of project technology and equipment, to help customers to improve the product competition and profitability.

Our Partner - Solex Thermal Science lnc

Solex Thermal Science Inc, is an internationally recognized manufacturer of heat exchange equipment, by the unique innovation technology and high quality professional and technical staff team to win a good reputation.Solex company headquarters in Calgary of Canada, with a product and technology development department, and a technical service center in China.

Solex has cooperated with Chemequip for more than 16 years to provide the effficent solutions for heating, cooling or drying of bulk solids. 


Chemequip Industries Co., Ltd. main business is to assemble various high-efficiency heat exchangers and heat exchange modules with platecoil heat transfer plate as the core component, including: powder flow heat exchanger, flue gas heat exchanger, honeycomb jacket, waste heat recovery module, shell and plate heat exchanger, tower top condenser, ice flaker and chiller, waste heat recovery, conveyor belt cooling plate / cooling conveyor, slaughtering line cooling plate and electroplating cooling The products are mainly used in the fields of chemical industry, pharmacy, energy and environmental protection, At the same time, it is exported to Germany, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Taiwan, Vietnam and other countries and regions. The company has passed the ISO9001 system certification