Energy-saved Slurry Ice Machine is installed in Large-Scale Indoor Plant

High Efficiently Falling Film Chiller for Milk cooling

Chemequip manufactured the slurry ice machine of model#50RT for Henkel Shanghai factory.

Henkel Shanghai Branch is an international professional group in the field of applied chemistry, one of the world's top 500, the world's leading solutions suppliers for adhesive, sealant and metal surface treatment agent.

The slurry ice machine in the Henkel factory was integrated into the factory HVAC system to replace the high-power air conditioner for the indoor continuous cooling. It helps to significantly reduce the energy consumption and greatly save the electricity bills for the factory.

The slurry ice is pumped by the insulated pipes to the front of the fan, and is evaporated to produce the cooled air by being blown by a fan, then the cooled air is spread in the factory.

How the slurry ice machine it works?


Post time: Nov-26-2020