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Chemequip Industries Ltd

Chemequip Industries ltd, located in Songjiang industrial park of Shanghai, serving for the modern industry, introducing the advanced technology and equipment from the North America on the area of chemical, energy, pharmaceutical and environmental protection.
Based on the years of experience, offering the core competitiveness of project technology and equipment, to help customers to improve the product competition and profitability.

Our Partner - Solex Thermal Science lnc

Solex Thermal Science Inc, is an internationally recognized manufacturer of heat exchange equipment, by the unique innovation technology and high quality professional and technical staff team to win a good reputation.Iit headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with product development and technology development agency, with European division in Germany. It has technical service center in China.Solex cooperate with Chemequip for more than a decade to provide effecitive adn effficent solutions for heating, cooling or drying of bulk solids . Chemequip extensive experience in the fertilizer industry,with hundreds of units delivered, and the soda ash industry,where Chemequip's market share exceeds 90%, provides a platform for expansion into new industries and product lines.